How Abundant Are You?

Michelle Humphrey is the leading authority on business growth and development for conscious business owners. As a business coach for over 19 years, she’s helped thousands of business owners around the world experience rapid growth and prosperity.

She’s the creator of the powerful life changing “More Money, Less Work” program and the “Financial Stress Eliminator Blueprint”. Michelle is a Co-Star in the personal development film “Pass It On” and a #1 best selling author in the series “Wake Up And Live The Life You Love”.

Michelle has cracked the code on rapid results that up until now she only reserved for her most exclusive coaching clients. Today she’s on a mission to share these secrets that have allowed her to effortlessly double, triple, and then 10x her business, so that more people around the world can experience the immensely fulfilling lifestyle her and her clients experience every single day… Now it is your turn (Take the Wealth Assessment Now)!

Michelle loves living in San Diego with her outstanding husband of 18 years John and their amazing 8-year-old son John Robert.